Trainer’s Guide


This guide is being actively updated over time.

Some sections may be incomplete but are being worked on in priority order.

If you want to help improve these docs, stay tuned...

Welcome, Trainer!

This is the official PokeNav Trainer’s Guide!

PokeNav is a discord bot that helps discord communities coordinate in Pokemon Go.

It has many features, including:

  • Interactive Mobile App
    • Available for Android and iOS
    • Shows nearby raids reports reported in discord
    • Shows a global map view of all community raids using PokeNav
    • Trainer profile, integrations and badges
    • Login with your discord account to view additional raid details.
  • Trainer Profiles
    • Syncs across multiple services
    • Links to your Silph Road Traveler’s Card
    • Links to Pokebattler Pokebox
    • Links to your TrainerDex profile
  • Bot and scanner independent raid coordination
    • Creates private raid channels automatically from raid and egg screenshots
    • Creates private EX raid channels automatically from EX raid pass screenshots
    • Boss counters via Pokebattler
    • Track team distribution and who has arrived
    • Update your current raid status to the rest of discord
    • Rule-based automatic notifications via discord
  • Research support
    • Report research rewards at pokestops
    • Scan pokestop screenshots to automate location reporting
    • Admin controlled clearing of research reports on event start
  • Trading support
    • Advertise your want / offers for trades and let PokeNav act as a notification inbox.
  • Badges
    • Create badges for community events, contests and in-game achievements.
    • Award badges to server members and have bot publicly announce them.
    • Badges go with a trainer, following them to any server with PokeNav
  • Leaderboards
    • Tracks top raid creators and participants
  • Pokedex support
    • Beautiful pokedex pages for all released Pokemon
    • Personalized counter via Pokebattler
  • Third Party Developer Access
    • APIs and public datasets for re-publishing live raids, research and infographics