Trainer’s Guide


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Welcome, Trainer!

This is the official PokeNav Trainer’s Guide!

PokeNav is a discord bot that helps discord communities coordinate in Pokemon Go.

It has many features, including:

  • Interactive Mobile App
    • Available for Android and iOS
    • Shows nearby raids reports reported in discord
    • Shows a global map view of all community raids using PokeNav
    • Trainer profile, integrations and badges
    • Login with your discord account to view additional raid details.
  • Trainer Profiles
    • Syncs across multiple services
    • Links to your Silph Road Traveler’s Card
    • Links to Pokebattler Pokebox
    • Links to your TrainerDex profile
  • Bot and scanner independent raid coordination
    • Creates private raid channels automatically from raid and egg screenshots
    • Creates private EX raid channels automatically from EX raid pass screenshots
    • Boss counters via Pokebattler
    • Track team distribution and who has arrived
    • Update your current raid status to the rest of discord
    • Rule-based automatic notifications via discord
  • Research support
    • Report research rewards at pokestops
    • Scan pokestop screenshots to automate location reporting
    • Admin controlled clearing of research reports on event start
  • Trading support
    • Advertise your want / offers for trades and let PokeNav act as a notification inbox.
  • Badges
    • Create badges for community events, contests and in-game achievements.
    • Award badges to server members and have bot publicly announce them.
    • Badges go with a trainer, following them to any server with PokeNav
  • Leaderboards
    • Tracks top raid creators and participants
  • Pokedex support
    • Beautiful pokedex pages for all released Pokemon
    • Personalized counter via Pokebattler
  • Third Party Developer Access
    • APIs and public datasets for re-publishing live raids, research and infographics