Badges allow community admins to create fun achievements for members to earn. These are entirely at community discretion.

For information on setting up badges for your server, see the Server Settings page.


Displaying and Checking Badges
Command Who Where Description
$badges Anyone Guild / DM Displays a list of all the badges you’ve earn
$badge-info 12 Anyone Guild / DM Displays detailed information about badge #12
$badges Dude16 Anyone Guild / DM Displays all the badges Dude16 has earned
$available-badges Anyone Guild Lists all the available badges for the current community


Earning Badges

Moderators on a server can use the $grant-badge command to grant you a badge you’ve earned. Once a badge is granted it will be displayed in your trainer profile. This only shows the last 8 badges earned as well as the badge count.

To see a full list of all your badges, use the $badges command:

Checking Available Badges

You can find all the badges a community is distributing by using the $available-badges command: