Raid Train Beta


Raid train support is currently in open beta.

Run $toggle beta-raid-trains to enable.

The content of this document, as well as all commands is subject to command changes.

Nothing is set in stone.


Announcing and Coordinating Trains
Command Who Where Description
$t Horsham Park Train Anyone Raid Lobby Starts a raid train channel called Horsham Park Train.
$title New Name Of Train Raid Moderator Raid Train Channel Updates the name of the raid train.
$rt all Anyone Raid Train Channel Shows all the gyms on the route.
$rt up Anyone Raid Train Channel Shows upcoming the gyms on the route.
$rt add Gym Name Raid Moderator Raid Train Channel Adds a gym to the end of a raid train.
$rt remove Gym Name Raid Moderator Raid Train Channel Removes a gym from a raid train.
$rt next Raid Moderator Raid Train Channel Advances to next gym, resets everyone’s arrival status.
$rt save Route Name Raid Moderator Raid Train Channel Saves the current train schedule as a new route.
$rt load Route Name Raid Moderator Raid Train Channel Clears the schedule and loads the named route as the new schedule.
$rt clear Raid Moderator Raid Train Channel Clears all gyms from the route.
$list routes Anyone Anywhere Shows a list of saved routes owned by your community.
$show route Route Name Anyone Anywhere Shows all the locations in the specified route.
$delete route Route Name Anyone Moderation Channel Deletes a route from your community.


Often, trainers will form together raiding groups which hit multiple gyms consecutively. While doing this, tracking the progress of the group and reporting raids becomes cumbersome.

Trains are PokeNav’s attempt to improve coordination, visibility and reporting in discord while these groups are active.

Enrolling In The Beta

Trains are actively being developed, so during the beta period, you will have enable your server for trains support. In your #pokenav channel, run $toggle beta-raid-trains.

About Raid Trains

Trains are simply raid coordination channels with special features and limitations. All raid commands are support with a few exceptions (listed below).

Keep in mind, instead of keeping accurate information about a singe raid at a single gym, trains focus on tracking lists of gyms and where the group is heading.

Added Features

  • Channel and role name for the channel is tied to a title for the raid, not the gym.
  • Maintain (add or remove) a list of gyms where the group is heading.
  • Tracks the current progress of the raid party.
  • Advance to the next gym and auto-reset the raid parties arrival status.
  • Save the list of gyms as a route, which can then be loaded for future trains.
  • View a list or complete gym list of saved community routes.
  • Delete community saved routes.
  • Default 4 hour duration.
  • Gyms marked as EX eligible in the database are marked as such in the schedule.

Removed Features

  • Raid trains may not set a hatch or despawn time.
  • Raid trains do not appear in the PokeNav mobile app or (they are discord only).
  • Raid trains can only stop at POI marked as gyms in PokeNav.
  • No deduplication of train channels.

In Progress / Planning

  • The ability to associate times with gyms in the route or automatically estimate those times.
  • Converting an existing channel into a train seemlessly (one way).
  • Better manipulation of routes and schedules during a raid train.

Commands To Learn

Raid coordinators will need to become familiar with the following commands:

$train or $t will start a train in any raid lobby (see the table).

$route or $rt (raid train or route shortened) is the top level command to manage a trains routes.

You can run $help rt to see the options, or read the table above for an overview.


There are typically shortened aliases for all the commands to make this easier. Notable aliases:

  • $rt a Gym Name to add a gym.
  • $rt r Gym Name to remove a gym.
  • $rt n to move to the next gym.

Routes Saving / Re-use

Routes are one of the main value adds for the train feature. Use it during special raid events when you hit a known list of gyms by setting up a train and saving the schedule as a route. You can then re-load the route next raid event for a quick setup.


At this time, routes are immutable and uniquely named for your community.

This means that you can only create and delete routes, not modify them. There are no limits to how many routes you can save during the beta. If you need to re-use a name, delete the first route and then save the new route.