Trainer Profile & Settings

Your trainer profile syncs across all servers using PokeNav.


Managing Your Trainer Profile
Command Who Where Description
$trainer Anyone Guild / DM Displays YOUR trainer profile.
$trainer Dude16 Anyone Guild / DM Displays Dude16‘s trainer profile.
$set favorite Togepi Anyone Guild / DM Sets Togepi as your favorite pokemon.
$set goal catch shinies! Anyone Guild / DM Sets your goal.
$set xp 20000000 Anyone Guild / DM Sets your XP and level to 40.
$link pokebattler 123456 Anyone Guild / DM Sets your pokebattler id for custom counters in DMs.
$link trainerdex Anyone Guild / DM Finds and automatically sets your TrainerDex profile.
$link silph SilphDude16 Anyone Guild / DM Sets your silph traveler id in your profile.
$trainerdex Anyone Guild / DM Displays your basic TrainerDex profile.
$silphcard Anyone Guild / DM Displays your silphcard, if your silph id is set.
$silphcard Dude16 Anyone Guild / DM Displays Dude16’s silph card, if his silph id is set.
$my-settings Anyone Guild / DM Gets your personal bot settings and quota.
$team mystic Anyone Guild Sets your team role on the current server.
$toggle trade-sent-notification Anyone Guild / DM Toggles whether you receive a notification when you show interest in a trade.
$toggle auto-join-raids Anyone Guild / DM Toggles whether to automatically join a raid when you create it.
$set companions 1m 2v Anyone Guild / DM Sets the number of companion trainers to use for each raid.
$share-quota Anyone Guild Shares your quota with the server (only available to Patreon subscribers).
$unshare-quota Anyone Guild / DM Stops sharing your quota any server.


Trainer Profile

Trainer profile is your public persona on PokeNav. Anyone on PokeNav can view your public profile if they know your discord username. It includes the information you choose to share about your level and goals as well as linked accounts like your silph traveler card.


Your in-game team is tracked by PokeNav. Often, servers have roles that represent each time. PokeNav will carry over and assign you the proper role when you join and / or interact in a new server. You can manually set it with the team command.

Favorite Pokemon

You can designate a favorite Pokemon, it shows up in your trainer profile and appears by your name when you enter raid channels.

XP and Level

You can update your in-game XP total, which reflects itself as a level in your trainer profile. You level is shown for all levels 1-40 and then in whole multiples of 40 (40x2, 40x3, 40x4, etc).


Free form short text (<80 characters) of what you want to accomplish in game. Add some flare to your profile.

Silph ID

You silph traveler id, which is typically your in-game username.

Silph Card

You silph traveler card, which shows your statistics and interactions on the silph road.

Pokebattler ID

The id (5-6 digit number) that appears on your Pokebattler account. We use this to lookup your Pokebox Pokemon for personalized counters.


Your raid screenshot scans are limited, either by your patreon donation level or the free tier. You can check how many you have for the remaining month with this command.

Set Companion Trainers

You can set how many companion trainers should be added when you join a raid. Companion trainers represent trainers participating in the raid which do not have discord accounts, such as family and friends.